Category : Phrasal Verbs

List of common phrasal verbs and their usage.

Argue down:

Meaning: win the argument

Example: He was able to argue down the customer’s demands, because he had come prepared with all the facts.

Meaning: try to reject something.

Example: The staff tried to argue down the company’s new policy. But did not succeed.

Meaning: to bargain.

Example:You have to argue down the prices while shopping in a flea market.

Agree with:

Meaning: concur.


  1.    Mr. Jones did not agree with the new policies of his company, so he resigned the next day.
  2.    My parents do not agree with each other over several matters, but respect their differences too.
  3.    We ate in a new restaurant last night; I think the food did not agree with my stomach.

Argue out:

Meaning: sort out matters by discussing them.


  1. Mr. Robinson decided to call his employees and argue out the issues with them.
  2. I have never seen Judy lose her temper. She convinces her customers by arguing the matter out with them.
  3. There is no point in arguing it out with her. It is better to go to court.

Ask about:

Meaning: to enquire about location/professional matters/health.


  1. If you don’t find the house, just ask about in the neighborhood. They will give you the directions to our house.
  2. Mr. Wilson was asking about the report today. When do you think it will be ready?
  3. Katy was asking about my grandmother’s health. She really loves her a lot.

Auction off:

Meaning: To sell by auction.


  1. They have decided to auction off Mrs. Link’s house to pay for her medical bills.
  2. By auctioning off such antique furniture, you will be able to get a better price for it.
  3. There is a garage sale down the road. A lot of junk is being auctioned off.

Answer back:

Meaning: reply rudely to seniors.


  1. John was punished today, because he was answering back to his teachers in class.
  2. He really drives me crazy with all his remarks, so I decided to answer him back today.
  3. Always respect people in authority, don’t answer them back.

Answer for:

Meaning: Be accountable for some action/thing.

Example: If you don’t study well, you will have to answer your father for your lousy grades.

Meaning: talk on behalf of someone

Example: Mr. Smith can do his own talking, why are you answering for him?

Meaning: solution.

Example: What is the answer for this kind of a situation? There must be some way out!

Angle for:

Meaning: to ask for something in an indirect way.


  1. Sheela has been angling for a new mobile as her Christmas gift.
  2. You cannot win over your bosses with polite behavior. Stop angling for a promotion.
  3. Mrs.Smith keeps angling for an invitation to any party. Nobody wants to invite her.

Allow for:

Meaning: consider/ take into account.


  1. While recruiting fresh graduates, the company needs to allow for some genuine mistakes.
  2. We have to allow for some delays while shipping something to another country.
  3. We had better leave now; we have to allow for some delays due to traffic.

Aim at:

Meaning: to have a goal in mind and work towards it.


  1. Mary is aiming at becoming a scientist. She is very good at Science and Math.
  2. This club aims at teaching all its members the basics of cricket.

Meaning: target


  1. We are aiming at expanding our business by 50% within 5 years.