Category : Phrasal Verbs

List of common phrasal verbs and their usage.

Barge into:

Meaning: enter without permission and interrupt people rudely.


The income tax officials barged into the office at 11 a.m. and started interrogating all the staff members.

Mr. Jackson simply barged into his neighbour’s house and told them to turn down the music.

Bargained on:

Meaning:   did not expect.

She had not bargained on all her paintings being sold out on the first day of the exhibition.

The Jones had not bargained on all their guests turning up for their party.

Barge in:

Meaning: enter without permission and interrupt.


My classmate keeps barging in when I am working in my room. My roommates don’t like it.

Don’t barge in like that. Knock before you enter my room.

Bargained for:

Meaning: did not anticipate.


I had not bargained for so much work, when I took up the job.

Susan missed her flight because she had not bargained for such a huge traffic jam.

Bargain down:

Meaning: lower the price.


I love going to the weekly bazaar, we can bargain down the prices by half and the stuff is good too.

That handbag is not worth the price he is quoting. Let us try to bargain him down.

Bail up:

Meaning: to delay someone with your talk.


I’m sorry I am late, but I was bailed up by my son’s English teacher. She just wouldn’t stop talking!

Meaning: to rob someone by threatening them.


The gang of robbers bailed up all the passengers when the train halted for sometime between stations.

Ball up:

Meaning: to get confused.


When Tina shifted to her new house, she was really balled up for a week.

After attending the career fair, the students were all balled up by the various careers that they could opt for.


Meaning: roll up into a ball.


The cat was playing with the wool again. Jane had to ball up all the wool.

Tom balled up his sweater and put it into his bag.

Bail out on:

Meaning: stop helping someone when they have some problem.


Tina’s friends bailed out on her when she got divorced for the third time.

Peter’s family bailed out on him when he squandered all the money that he had inherited from his uncle.

Bail out:

Meaning: to remove from bad situation.


Mr. Johnson’s company was not doing too well. So, his brother decided to bail him out by buying the company.


Meaning: remove excess water from something that is flooded.


When the Smiths realized that the boat was leaking, they had to bail it out till they reached the shore.


Meaning: to jump out of an aeroplane.


The pilot managed to bail out just before the burning airplane burst into flames.

Bail out of:

Meaning: pay money to get someone out of jail.


Tom had to bail his father out of jail. He was accused of stealing again.

Peter was falsely accused of malpractice by his employers. His colleagues decided to bail him out of jail.